At BabylonBet, we are dedicated to endorsing responsible wagering practices among our customers and promoting awareness about problem gambling. Our Responsible Gambling Policy reflects our commitment to minimizing the negative effects of gambling issues and ensuring a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for all users.

Principles of Responsible Gaming

BabylonBet’s Responsible Gaming approach is built upon three fundamental principles:

Player Security

We prioritize the security of our players by implementing measures to protect their privacy and personal data. We strictly forbid minors from participating in games to ensure a safe gaming environment. Our games undergo rigorous monitoring by independent organizations to ensure fairness and randomness. Marketing communication is transparent, promising only what players can receive.

Protection against Gaming Addiction

While the majority of users enjoy gaming responsibly, we recognize that some may develop problematic behavior. We collaborate with research institutes, associations, and therapy institutions to create a responsible and secure framework for online gaming. Users with gaming addiction issues are prohibited from further participation, and we provide them with contacts for professional advice and support.


We believe that customers should take responsibility for their gaming decisions and financial limits. While we provide transparent products and information, self-responsibility remains the most effective protection against addiction. We strive to maintain a clear and supportive approach to help users make responsible choices.

Protection of Minors

BabylonBet strictly prohibits individuals under the age of 18 from participating in games and making bets. During registration, we require users to confirm their age and date of birth. We take the issue of minors engaging in gaming seriously and seek support from parents and caregivers to provide the best protection possible. We also encourage users to keep their account access data safe, such as their user ID and password. Installing filter software is recommended to restrict access to inappropriate online content for children and teenagers.

Recognizing Problematic Game Behavior

For most people, gaming is a form of entertainment done in moderation and within financial limits. However, for a small percentage, it can become a serious challenge. Problematic game behavior is characterized by actions that interfere with a person’s life, work, finances, or health, leading to negative consequences.

Diagnosing game dependence should be done by experts, but there are warning signs to consider:

  1. Excessive preoccupation with gambling.
  2. Increasing bets over time.
  3. Unsuccessful attempts to quit or control gaming habits.
  4. Irritation and disappointment when limiting gaming.
  5. Using gaming as an escape from problems or discomfort.
  6. Trying to win back lost amounts.
  7. Lying about gaming behavior.
  8. Engaging in illegal acts to support gaming habits.
  9. Strained relationships with family and colleagues due to gaming.
  10. Borrowing money to fund gaming activities.

Rules for Responsible Gaming

To enjoy gaming responsibly, follow these simple rules:

  1. Play when you are calm and focused.
  2. Take regular breaks during gaming sessions.
  3. Set a monthly budget for gaming and stick to it.
  4. Avoid increasing your budget during gameplay.
  5. Set a maximum winning amount and stop playing when reached.
  6. Define the amount you can afford to lose beforehand.
  7. Refrain from gaming under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  8. Avoid gaming when feeling depressed.


At BabylonBet, we are committed to providing a secure and enjoyable gaming environment while promoting responsible gaming practices. By working together, we can ensure that gaming remains a fun and entertaining experience for all our users. Our principles of player security, protection against gaming addiction, and self-responsibility guide our efforts in providing a responsible and transparent gaming platform. Together, we can create a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone.